Bergmannsstav Ax by Thomas Latané


This is an Embellishment exhibit piece. Available to pick up or have shipped after January 5, 2024.

Artist Statement:
A bermannsstav is for show and not a useful axe. The head itself is an embellishment on the walking stick. Seeing the collection at Maihaugen Museum in Lillehammer, Norway, I was drawn to pieces in which the iron itself had been embellished.

I have been repairing antiques and forging hardware inspired by Norwegian and other traditions in our shop in Pepin since 1983. Kitty and I were sponsored by Maihaugen Museum to study with Håvard Bergland in 2012 for two weeks. I was enthusiastic about the theme of this show because of my fondness for embellishment

Dimensions: L 5” x w 2 ½” x h 1”

Materials: carbon steel forged, filed, chased

If shipping is requested, we will contact you in January with an additional shipping charge.

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