Acanthus Leaves Painting by Nicole Burk


This is an Embellishment exhibit piece. Available to pick up or have shipped after January 5, 2024.

This piece was inspired by architectural historians that drew the decorations they saw on ancient Roman buildings. It is also inspired by the countless artists who used those drawings as their own inspiration, distilled through Norway.

Artist Statement:
As an artist, I believe that being surrounded by beautiful things is profoundly important to our well-being. Creating a small blip in the long tradition of rosemaling, I connect to my community on a meaningful level. I'm thrilled to make beautiful things for people to enjoy every day. I love using reclaimed wood in my pieces. The warmth, history and imperfections of the wood brings a sincerity to the pieces that make them accessible to everyone.

Dimensions: L 10” x w 4 ½”

Materials: walnut, acrylic paint

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