2024-05-20 – Mastermyr Chest: Making the Lock



May 20-24 (9:00 am-5:00 pm CT) 


Tom Latané


This is an in-person class held off-site at Tunnel Mill Forge in Spring Valley, MN. 

This is the third session of a three-part class (with three instructors) that will concentrate as much as possible on material manipulation practices appropriate to the Viking age.

The lock and key will be forged over five days with Tom Latane. To be sure that all material is hand hammered, the starting stock for the lock plate will be too thick and too narrow. The bow of the key will be formed by turning the worked piece back upon itself and welding near the bit. The spring will be forged, hardened and tempered. Openings for the hasp staples will be determined by the fit of the hasps on the chest. Nails made in the previous session will be used to fasten the lock plate to the front of the chest (which will be carved out to receive the lock parts on the back of the plate). Some details of the lock will be the result of conjecture, because of damage to the original and lack of the lock's key.

Any students wishing to use wrought iron to make some, or all of the parts, are welcome to bring material to try. Though an historic approach will be demonstrated, students may substitute modern methods where time or lack of experience make substitution appealing.

Priority will be given to the registration of students taking all three sessions. Those wishing to take one or two sessions may join the waitlist and wait to see if there is space remaining shortly before the class is held.


Level of Instruction: 

Some experience with forge welding would be helpful. Students with advanced woodworking skills but no prior experience forging are also welcomed.


Click here to view the supply list.

There will be a materials fee paid directly to the instructors, and the cost of coal paid directly to Tunnel Mill. For students who are interested in providing their own metal, the materials fee will be lower; information about the requirements for metal will be shared along with the supply list.

Housing and Meals:

Low cost on-site housing and meals can be arranged directly through Tunnel Mill. Please email folkartschool@vesterheim.org for contact information.

Enrollment Deadline: 

Enrollment for the three-class series closes on April 15, 2024. Please click "Add to Waitlist" below to join the waitlist for this individual class.  Remaining spaces will be made available to students interested in registering for individual sessions.


Click here to learn more about instructor Tom Letané.


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