2024-08-08 – Rosemaling Boreal Plants from Scandinavia



August 8-9 (9:00 am-5:00 pm CT)



Tara Austin



This is an in-person class held at Vesterheim Folk Art School. 


​In this class students will work in oil paint to create gorgeous leaves and flowers from the boreal ecosystem of Scandinavia using the techniques of rosemaling. During class we will talk about some of the historical aspects of rosemaling while creating modern forms using traditional brushstrokes. These boreal plant designs are reminiscent of botanical illustration and will be painted on heavy paper, perfect for framing. If students prefer to bring woodenware to paint on they are welcome.


Level of Instruction: 

Students signing up for this class should have a solid rosemaling foundation.


  • Brushes
    • # 4  filbert
    • # 6 filbert
    • liner of your choice, Instructor uses size 0 and/or 1
  • Palette paper (for mixing paints)
  • Palette knife
  • Cloth rags or paper towels
  • Linseed Oil or Walnut Oil
  • Odorless paint thinner or brush cleaner – available at most local hardware stores
  • White chalk or a white watercolor pencil (Instructor does not use transfer paper but if you prefer this method please bring white transfer paper and a design will be available )
  • Murphy’s Oil soap for cleaning brushes
  • Jar with cover for paint thinner
  • Saran wrap (for paint brushes and covering paints) or a sealable palette
  • ARTIST OIL PAINT COLORS (Rembrandt brand recommended by instructor)
    • Titanium White
    • Prussian Blue
    • Burnt Umber Raw
    • Umber Yellow Ochre
    • Transparent Oxide Red
    • Burnt Sienna or English Red (optional)
    • Hansa Yellow light or a bright yellow of choice (optional)
    • Cadmium Red light (optional)
    • Cadmium Green (optional)
  • Practice board of your choice (masonite or a heavy paper/cardboard) Painted with two coats of a dark blue, black, or dark green paint (optional)

Enrollment Deadline: 

August 15, 2024


Click here to learn more about instructor Tara Austin.


Please read our COVID-19 Policies here.


Vesterheim's rosemaling classes are supported in part by the Wilma A. Anderson Endowment for Rosemaling.

Tuition :
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