2023-02-15 – Love Spells from Norwegian Grimoires: A Conversation with Eirik Storesund from the Brute Norse Podcast (Online)



Wednesday, February 15 (7:00-8:00 pm CT)


Eirik Storesund


This is an online class hosted on Zoom.  


Old Norse philologist Eirik Storesund, host and creator of the Brute Norse podcast, has translated a curated selection of charms, spells, and sorcerous recipes from Norwegian grimoires and vernacular tradition on the topic of love and romance. Learn about everything from Norwegian "black books" to bowl inscriptions as he discusses folk magic and shares some terrible ideas and (mostly) bad advice for your love life. Join us for a fascinating glimpse into the magically infused romantic liaisons of pre-industrial Scandinavia.

Copies of Love Spells and Erotic Sorcery in Norwegian Folk Magic translated by Eirik Storesund are available for purchase from Vesterheim Museum Store! Click here for more information.


Special Instructions:  

When registering for the class, please make sure to use the email address you'd like the Zoom meeting invitations sent to. You will receive links to the Zoom sessions by email sometime during the week prior to the class. If this class is a gift, please sign up with the recipient's email address or be prepared to forward all communications.

Click here to learn more about the instructor Eirik Storesund.

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