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Real Norwegians Eat Lefse by Rose Marie Meuwissen
Connect young children with Norwegian heritage though these engaging cooking stories by Rose Marie M..
Red Stangland’s original book of Norwegian Jokes
Stangland and his comedy partner, Uncle Torvald, are a popular performing act that has appeared at b..
Report From #24 by Gunnar Sonsteby
Gunnar Sonsteby tells his courageous story of espionage and sabotage against the Nazis and of eludin..
Roads Less Traveled
This collection includes a selection from the weekly column “Across the Fence,” printed in many news..
Rosemalers’ Recipes
Back in print! This beautiful Vesterheim classic was compiled by rosemaler Betty Dowe and her c..
Rosemaling Patterns for Christmas Tree Ornaments
A Vesterheim production, 1985, edited by Donna Benson. Patterns by 39 different American rosemalers...
Rosemaling: the Beautiful Norwegian Art & Design Collection #II by Helen Elizabeth Blanck
With new updated covers and colorful inserts of rosemaling, this publication is two in one—combining..
Rosemaling: The Hallingdal Idea Book by Leslie Landis
Showcasing fine historic Hallingdal pieces from Vesterheim’s collection, this book is an inspiration..
Rosemålarane Ei Slektskrønike (A Family Chronicle) by Lars Skorpen
Learn about the unbroken, living tradition of rosemaling in Os, Norway, including the history of the..
Roser, Liljer og Blues (Roses, Lilies and Blues) Folk Art, Folk Music and the Romantic Era by Nils Georg Brekke
A shooting script for an up-coming film, this beautiful book of full-page, color photographs outline..
Saami Inspired Bracelet Basics by Liz Bucheit
In the 1600s the Saami culture of Scandinavia used pewter (tin) thread embroidery to create beautifu..
Sami—A Publication of Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum
Featuring articles about the Sami, the indigenous people of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Kola..
Scandinavian Coloring Book
With folk-inspired illustrations, textiles designer Zeena Shah brings alive traditional motifs of na..
Scandinavian Comfort Food by Trine Hahnemann
The Scandinavians excel in comfort— family, friends, a good atmosphere, long meals, relaxation, and ..
Scandinavian Figure Carvings by Harley Refsal
In this book, Harley presents a fascinating overview of this beautiful and enchanting folk art. Disc..
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